Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who we are, the International Course from a what we can and can't do POV

We are the 2nd year students at Clark Memorial International High School in Japan.  We are going to introduce ourselves by telling you a little about what we can and cannot do.  We hope that this will also help you learn a little bit more about Japan as well.  If you have any questions or would like to leave us a comment, we would really appreciate it!

Hello, we are Y., K., and T.
Today, we will introduce some of the things we can and can’t do.

We can’t drive a motorcycle, but we want to be able to drive a motorcycle on the highway. In Japan you need to take a special test to get a license to drive a motorcycle.

Triumph T 110 650 cc motorcycle from 1954: CC attribution

We can ski, bowl, and play table tennis, but we cannot surf or play rugby.  And we can’t run for a long time, but we love running anyway.  K. likes Usain Bolt, but Y. doesn’t like him.  T. can play soccer, but Y. can’t play soccer.  But we all like soccer.  The most popular soccer team in Japan is the Nadeshiko Japan team.

Image source:

Nadeshiko Japan is the women’s national soccer team.  You can read more about Nadeshiko Japan here We want to play many sports.

In our school, we can take 16 different types of class in one week.  This is a normal Japanese school class schedule.  How about you?

Thanks for reading about us.


We are T.M. and S.S.

We can have a birthday party together in May.  When is your birthday?

We can’t drive a car, but we want to drive a car!!
We will drive a car next year when we turn 18.

We can’t fly, but we want to be able to fly.

We cannot play the guitar, but we love the guitar.  Takamizawa of the band The Alfee is a great Japanese guitar player.  Here is a video of Takami:

We can make Okonomiyaki.  Japanese Okonomiyaki is very delicious.

We like to play soccer, but we can’t play soccer at my school because there is no soccer team or soccer club.  We also like to play baseball.  We like Yu Darvish who plays for the Texas Rangers.

We can ride my ship every day…but actually, I don't have a ship.  This is a Japanese joke.

We can make curry and rice.  Japanese curry is very popular and very spicy.  Here is some more informations about Japanese Curry from Wikipedia.

今話題の京都市役所前の地下街で食べたカレー。 CC Attribution:
Author: Hyougushi from Kyoto Source: Flickr

We are M. and R.

We can make music.  We are in the same band at school.

We often cook Takoyaki. Takoyaki are octopus balls.  They very hot. 

We can’t study math very well, but we love Mrs. Sone, the math teacher, anyway.

We both have smart phones.  They are smart, but we want our smart phones to be able to have hands and feet, so they will really be able to play with us.

We often play the app “Puzzle & Dragons”.  We call it Pazudora for short.  It’s fun.  Here is a video of the game:

We want to go to Universal Studios Japan, in Osaka.  We like the ride “Waterworld”, but we don’t like “Backdraft”!  But we love USJ anyway. 

We like the Hanshin Tigers baseball team. We can sing Hiyama’s Hanshin fight song:

And we have Makoto Imaoka’s uniform. But the Tiger’s home stadium doesn’t have any parking areas for cars.  So we can't drive to the games.  But we can take the train.

We love the Tigers!


We are SU and MA

We listen to western music.  We love Glee.  We can sing Glee songs.  Our favorite song is “Don’t Stop Believin.”

 We can’t play sports and we don’t like baseball.  But we love baseball players.  They are cool.

We like wearing makeup.  We can put on makeup very well.  One of us likes to use a lot of makeup and one of us likes natural makeup.  We want to be able to wear Kate Perry’s makeup, but we can’t buy it in Japan.

We can’t eat mushrooms, because they look like Bananaman’s Face.  Bananaman are a comedy team in Japan.  Here is a video of a Bananaman comedy skit:


We love the band 1D.  One of us loves Zayn and one of us loves Louis.  We can never go to One Direction’s concert, but we want to be able to go to their concert.  We can’t get tickets easily because they are so popular.  Here is a video of their press conference in Japan.